Self portrait / by Christina Rosalie

I did a 20 mile ride today (averaging just over 17 mph) through rolling farmland, up steep hills under shady maples and beeches. Past meadows of cornflowers, clover and alfalfa. I saw two tough farm boys, about twelve years old, tossing rectangular hay bails onto the bail elevator. Zipped past a field of black and white cows, lying down, flie on their backs, chewing cud. And felt the incredible gleeful surge of adrenaline in my legs. They're feeling stronger now, than ever before. I've been running daily, and am inspired by this lady to start training for a triathlon. I've always wanted to, and could, I think. If I dared. It's the end of the season though, and the only race I could find near where I live, happens on August 27 which seems too soon. I'd be all jittery and anxious, crashing into the water with so many other people. But when I told DH of my dream, he said "Beanie & I will be your pit crew. Let's go this week and time you on the course." Just like that. Such a major vote of confidence. I love that.