Showing Up For Summer (#1) / by Christina Rosalie

I was thinking how easy it is to fill time with the things that don't matter; how easily we become preoccupied with being productive, achieving, doing just one more thing, all the while forgetting focus on the things we really love. And, because I believe there is great power in listing things, I decided I'm going to do a few posts about the things I intend to show up for this summer.

The first thing I want to show up for this summer is: Running first thing in the morning with the dog. Rabbits cross the road then, and the birds are loud as the mist rises off the grass. My muscles gradually reclaim their grace. This is a way I like to begin the day. One foot, then the next, heart pounding, blood thrumming. Grateful.

// Join in! What do you want to show up for this summer?