Sickie nuggles / by Christina Rosalie

I took a wicked spinning class last night. My first, ever. It was fun, and invigorating (if an hour of standing while sprinting while gasping for air can be called invigorating.) But it was totally the wrong thing to have done yesterday in particular because I felt kind of off and didn’t listen to myself and as a result woke up this morning with a terrible sore throat. Bean also seems to have woke up sick—running a low fever and a juicy cough that seems to have showed up out of nowhere (though in a likelihood it is probably from the doctor’s office, when we brought him for his ‘well baby’ visit a few days ago!) So I stayed home today, and we made French toast and lay around on the couch in the sunshine doing interactive games on PBS Kids and feeling generally miserable and snug at the same time. DH left last night for a weekend trip to help his parents get their house ready for sale, so it’s a single-parenting gig for me for the next few days. I’m feeling less thrilled about this now that I feel exactly like I swallowed a golf ball and my voice is sounds like sandpaper. But I’m determined to have a good weekend. Lay low, nap, buy some rain boots, play with trains at Barnes & Noble, and maybe make a trip to Starbucks for a cookie later on.

It isn’t all bad though, being home sick with a sickie. He climbs into my lap and says “Wanna nuggle” meaning “snuggle” and then he nuzzles into a nook and his hair smells like vanilla and fresh bread.