Small good things / by Christina Rosalie

I accomplished something nearly impossible today: I found a pair of jeans that fit my silly long legs!

I bought my first pomegranate of the season, and type with bright red juice staining my cuticles.

I went for a run in the cold for the first time all week. I've missed it. My body thrives on the rhythm of running and breathing.

I got an extra hour of sleep this morning---while DH read the newspaper and watched Bean.

I taught Bean how to sign *milk* this week---he caught on faster than I ever imagined he would---and it's made things so much simpler. We've avoided several typical meltdowns because he can convey what he wants.

I got a cup of Old World hot chocolate walking back from dinner out tonight. It's thick and rich and dark and unbelievably good, especially on a cold evening.

I decided to trust that the house thing will work out. And didn't think about it again all day.