Snowy day / by Christina Rosalie

We woke up to snow---powdery inch upon inch making everything sparkling and white. When the sidewalks were plowed, the snow came up to my knees on either side, and all day fat dreamy flakes drifted down.

Sometime in the past month Bean has connected the word "snow" with snow, and today when I said "do you see it snowing?" he ran to the window to look out, still in his jammies.

After a breakfast of waffles and eggs we put on our jackets and went out on the porch. This was the first time he's ever REALLY played in snow---the first time touching it, bare handed; the first time he made the connection that the stuff on the porch was the same stuff coming down from the sky---and he'd point to snowflakes falling and say "uh, uh, uh!"

He ran out the door and knelt in it eagerly, but then sat back and stared at it for a good long minute, as if frozen in amazment. After his initial shock that it's REALLY COLD, he started to play, picking up handfuls, and watching as each little flake dissolved in the heat of his palm.