Some days I can't believe how good I have it {Just One Paragraph 6/30} / by Christina Rosalie

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I worked from home today, with the boys playing at my side, running wild in the yard and then coming in hungry and asking for snacks. I let them eat peanut butter from the jar, made cinnamon sugar toast, poured milk, parsed out handfuls of fat blueberries, and then listened to their giggles as I worked. I finished a client project, which felt good, but also: there went the day. The hours I'd hoped would be spent writing write flat out (a rough first draft of the synopsis of the book I'm writing with Dan Blank; the time I imagined I would spend loafing in the sun, going to the library, or sketching out the fiction piece I have in my head right now.) But so it goes. Each day brings the unexpected bounty of it's particular hours, and with early afternoon this day brought T. We all went running to him, a hundred kisses. Even the dog. Everyone in a knot of snuggles in the entry way, laughing. We do love being a family together. It's one of the best things in the world, the way we fit together, the four of us making this ruckus, gangling, goofy, snuggly, affectionate bunch. "Let's adventure!" Bean said, and so after I took a quick sprint of a run down the road and back, and T grilled burgers with garlic and parsley and oregano, we went to Richmond where the playground always welcomes us and the bakery always offers something good. And then T and I sat with the dog under our legs, sipping dark coffee and eating sweet treats, and talking (and kissing) as we watched the boys play as the sun slanted through the trees at the edge of the world. The morning started out cold and grey. There was work. Then this. Boys. Sun. Sweetness. Some days I can't believe how good I have it.