Stuck spinning / by Christina Rosalie

In college I took several classes with an English professor who is a fairly well published writer. She was off-beat and funny and sincere. A lesbian and a recovering alcoholic who'd grown up in the red-neck south, she could make swearing sound like praying, with her soft drawl. She could make any story sound good just by reading it aloud. And she had a way of saying things that were totally apt. One day she came to class a little late, a stack of papers sort of falling out of her bag, a giant to-go mug in hand. As she sat down she said, with a slow grin,

"Y'all know what a tractor looks like when it's been tipped over and it's wheels are just spinning and spinning around and the mud is kind of getting everywhere? Well, that's how I feel right about now."

That's EXACTLY how I feel tonight.