Studio Sale / by Christina Rosalie

Welcome to my third first-come, first-served, pay-what-you-can studio sale! I am so honored to have your interest for my work, and am incredibly grateful for your generous hearts and encouragement. Your support makes so much possible. Thank you.
UPDATED: Wow! Pieces have been claimed quickly. There are only a few left (some of my favorites, actually!). Check them out:
Elephant | Snowy Fox | Gorilla | Oriole
If there isn't anything you see that you want. Stay tuned. Sometimes pieces end up finding a second home :) xo/C

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS:   1. Browse each piece by clicking on a thumbnail to see details. 2. If you find a piece you love, leave a comment with the word SOLD below that piece of art. (If someone else got there first sorry,consider it sold.) 3. I'll follow up with you by email as promptly as possible. 4. You tell me what you'd like to pay for the piece and process your payment through Pay Pal. 5. I'll ship the piece out to you as soon as is humanly possible.

Early access sale ends on Wednesday, April 16th at 8pm, EST. At that point I'll open the sale up to anyone not signed up for my newsletter. The entire SALE ENDS when all the pieces are claimed, or on Thursday April 17th at 8pm(so I have time to ship everything out before we head off on our road trip!) PLEASE NOTE: I can only ship within the United States for this sale.

01 flight circle 02 blue heaven 03 honey bee 04-FoxThisWay05-Flamingos 06-Cheetah Sprint 07 lucky zebra 08-Giraffe 09-sweet elephant 10-SnowyFox 11-FlyRobinFly 12-BluebirdOfHappiness 13-WiseMagpie 14-WildHummingbird 15-Cardinal Courage 16-TheMomentSlips 17-Originals 18-Stalwart Gull 19-Crow Omen 20 - Bright Oriole 21-Mynah Bird 22-BeautifulDay 23-HelloGorilla 24- Clever Coyote 25- Bear Goes 26-WhatTheFishKnow 27- Rainbow Trout