Such goodness / by Christina Rosalie

The windows are still open at ten thirty, and the air is warm and soft. Finally the spring peepers have arrived, and on our way back from clay class tonight, DH brought the car to a slow crawl as we drove past the boggy swamp at the edge of our road, where their treble chorus was rising up—spelling out all verbs and adjectives of amphibian delight. I have vacation this week, and despite the fact that I have either the world’s most persistent head cold, or allergies, or both, my good mood cannot be dampened. First off, I just got back yesterday from seeing Blue Poppy and Lizardek for the weekend, which simply put was AMAZING. It felt nothing like driving off into the backwoods on narrow twisty roads to meet perfect strangers, though DH kinda thought that was exactly what I was doing. “Are you SURE you want to go hang out with people you met through BLOGGING?” He muttered before I left.

Going to meet these two incredible women for the first time in person, felt like going to see people I’d known forever. We slipped effortlessly into conversation over tea and wine and toasty sandwiches. We hiked tall mountains to take in the wind breathtaking expanse of mountains and lakes, and we lolled with BP’s butterscotch hounds in the sunlight.

They are brilliant, funny, exquisite, generous women. I totally heart both of them. I’ll stop now, since I’m sure you get the idea.

Driving home, I opened the sunroof and sang at the top of my lungs with the radio, singing in my own way, a million arpeggios of gratitude, and came home to an immaculately cleaned house, and my two favorite guys. Both were sporting wind-tousled hair and smudges on their pants. Doors were hung in my absence, puddles were stomped in. The perfect start to a week off.