Sundown / by Christina Rosalie

Took my camera with me to the waterfront with the boys for a walk.

Got the skunk scent out of my cat with a natural enzyme spray: no tomato baths necessary!

Woke up today with a splitting headache. Now I have a fever. I can thank the kiddos at work for this one. I am so ready for warmer weather. For being able to throw open the windows. For anything other than ice storms. I so hoped to post something longer today--I was facinated by your comments about the idea of living 'perfectly' and wanted to write more about what I meant. About trying to live the way one always hopes one will---someday, although the doing of that in the moment seems to get put off for lesser (and greater) things.

But now that I'm sick all I really want to know is: what movie should I rent tonight?