Synchronicity and a GIVEAWAY: The Art Of Earning / by Christina Rosalie

A little more than a week ago Danielle LaPorte tweeted about Tanya Giesler launching her new website, and in celebration, posting a challenge with a super-generous reward: a swag bag of amazing platform building and clarity enhancing goodness. And when Danielle tweets something, or writes about something, I generally listen because that woman, she’s on fire. She speaks a truth that I really dig. She’s fearless, and she’s teaching me so much, just from sharing her words every so often on her blog. In fact, this is a quote of hers that I have taped to my wall that's having a really big impact on my life right now:

Here it is: Do you want it or not? If the answer is yes, then proceed… ~Danielle LaPorte

So here was Tanya’s challenge: a video post about what it would look like to step into your Starring Role in life, and what might be limiting you or getting in your way…. And I almost didn’t do it. I didn’t really have time—and for a few minutes listened to the little gnawing voices in my head that always chime in about all the ways I might not succeed, or look silly, or be exposing these vulnerable sides of myself that I’m not sure if I want to expose… But this time I did it anyway.

Because I’m serious about going towards this stuff with open arms: about having the creative work that I do result in financial abundance. I’ve written here occasionally about my evolving relationship to money and the value of the creative work that I do, and it was this that I responded with in my video. And you know what?

I won!

And the rewards are the most gorgeous, thoughtful, creative, innovative stuff EVER, including The Art Of Earning from one of my online superheros of late: Tara Gentile.

It’s such good stuff you guys. It is inspiring, and bold, and true.

But here’s the thing: I just last month ago purchased my very own copy of The Art Of Earning (because I told you, I’m serious about this stuff!) so I now have a copy to GIVE AWAY!

If you’d like to be in the drawing for this giveaway, please leave a comment about why you’d like to have it, and I’ll pick a winner at random on Wednesday night.

I'm so interested hear your stories and ideas about money and creativity and the value of the work that you do. What is valuable to you? What do you want to earn money for?

PS: before any of this happened I put a new pack of film in my SX-70 from the ImpossibleProject, and the little note above was what it spit out. The other note, was also something I made before doing Tanya's challenge. I wrote that little message onto a polaroid that didn't develop the way I expect--as a little reminder to myself to be open to letting opportunities develop as they will. I love synchronicity.

+++ The winner, thanks to is Kim! Expect an email from me in your inbox xoxo ~Christina