2014 : The Year Of The Horse by Christina Rosalie

Hello friends!
I'm so happy it's a new year! 2013 was hard in so many ways, and filled with bittersweet moments. ZEBRA_CHRISTINAROSALIE_2014 2013 was one of the most exhausting, turbulent years I've lived through. I felt like we were all at the fragile surface of our lives; so many of us anyway. Reminded of our mortality, pressed to ask hard questions, reach for new horizons, and confront limitations real or imagined.
I always feel like I get a secret extra window of time to set intentions every January, with my birthday happening at the end of the month. I've been cocooning, and dreaming and quietly working my way through all the notebooks and journals I kept over the last year, to find the plot line that lives below the surface, and set goals for this new year.
2014 is the year of the horse, and for me the zebra particularly comes to mind: as symbol of individuality and balance. Yes, that’s the kind of year I’d like 2014 to be--one of individuality and balance. As such, I’ve chosen the word CORE as my word for this year.


Going into this year with a wee bit of adrenal fatigue, I'm committed to focusing on building my core literally and metaphorically. To being selective and smart about the projects and partnerships I take on. And keeping a clear-eyed focus on the things that are most essential, that sustain, and fund creative energy rather than drain it.
It took me a while to find just the word to act as a guide, a focus point, and a filter: helping me to zero in on what matters most.
So glad to be back. I've missed this space so.
Tell me: what are you focusing on this January?