My birthday

Taking inventory on my birthday: by Christina Rosalie

A year of self portraits on the go, in the middle of the action that is my life.

My list for this year turned out better than I imagined. I crossed off more things than from any of my previous ones. I even made croissants over the holidays! A lovely lingering process spread over two days and involving three sticks of butter. I also went ice skating on Frog Pond with T while in Boston, and miraculously managed both a visit to the ocean and making face to face visits with faraway friends happen in the past week.

What I love about making these lists is the record they create: of attempting, of longing, of wonder, of achievement. And even though I missed the mark on a couple of line items, in all, 33 was an amazing year. An exhausting, thrilling 365 days of determination and perseverance and pushing boundaries and joy. A book. A new job that I adore. Friends that make my heart smile. Boys that make my days bright. And a partner that makes it all possible. I'm a lucky girl.

I've posted a new list in my sidebar. And I'm curious: what are a few things on your list for the year? There is such power and possibility in claiming the big and the small with a few purpose-filled words.

xo! Christina