Squam Arts Workshop

Upon returning -- Squam Art Workshops Love by Christina Rosalie

Oh Squam. I am so grateful, so wonder-filled, so satisfied.

  It was such a gift to spend time with the brave, strong, gorgeous women whose days overlapped with mine last week beneath the ponderosa pines and red maples and birches of New Hampshire, and on the docks beside the loon-filled lake, blue against a bluer sky; cloud tossed and sun kissed. Being there among those beauties filled my soul and re-grounded me deeply.

  It was just the right combination of pure solitude and true companionship. It was both the experience of being seen—really seen—and also of having time, finally, after a whirling, confusing, busy summer, to finally sit alone at the end of a dock, listening to acorns fall into the lake from the trees above, and watching the ripples spread from each epicenter, until I found my own center: re-reading my journal until I caught up with myself, caught my breath, and found my pulse.


And now I’m back.


Really back. Here, now, in this space after an inadvertent break from the Internet that had as much to do with doing some really big growing this summer, as it did about being wildly, failingly busy (which was also the case.)


* * * A quick book update * * *


I sold out of the books I brought to the Art Fair. That felt really good. *Grin.*

And the next few weeks are full: with adventures and readings and a book launch party here in Burlington, and a blog tour (soon to come.) And tomorrow I'm making the long trip down to Boston--to read at the Trident (one of my favorite bookstores ever)—and back. I'm excited. And nervous. But mostly excited. If you're in Boston, I hope you'll come!