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The beautiful boho girl tagged me with this meme: 8 random things you don't already know about me:

• My first true crush (in fifth grade) was a boy who now plays in this band. We wrote letters all summer the year I moved away.

• I am obsessed with the “sticky note” widget feature on my computer.

• I cannot currently picture loving a second kid as much as I love Bean; cannot fathom my heart being big enough to contain this love, times two.

• People think I am both taller and older than I really am.

• If I were single and childless I’d be living in a funky little apartment somewhere with Salvation Army chairs painted wild colors and chipped china teacups. My bohemian side is somewhat subdued, what with all the toddler things around the house, and a man with contemporary good taste.

• I am currently obsessed with this Greek yogurt + honey.

• I am an INFJ.

• I could survive the rest of my life without coffee or wine, but not poems; without chocolate or television, but not music; without money or things, but not good friends.

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