{ Tender } / by Christina Rosalie

Inner Alchemy Circle :: Water Coven

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The softest part. The quietest breath. At the fringes of exhaustion. At the edge of discovery. This is tender.
The downiest, most delicate inkling of something new. The glimmer of a fresh start. A whisper. A hint. This is tender.
A suggestion. A sensitivity. Featherlight. Easily blown off kilter. Skin exposed. This is tender.
Between your ribs, the fluttery fleeting skip of your heart filled with wonder. Your hidden underbelly of longing. Your most secret desires. This is tender.
Allow tender.
Allow yourself to be tender towards all that is new, that is unresolved, and fragile in your heart.
Allow it to well up with quiet honor and protection and guarded wonder. For this is courage, is strength. Allowing yourself to be tender is the ability to lift in freedom towards all that you are.
Tender is where beginnings happen; where transformation germinates; where anything destined for greatness begins.