The medium / by Christina Rosalie

What's different? Do you think that blogs are dying? Sharing about Sprout potty training seems off topic now, oddly. Even though today involved a Sprout + poop + the destruction of his brother's legos story that I'd tell you if we were in person, and I wouldn't have thought twice about sharing it in 2006. Is it just because he's my second and my focus is elsewhere--or is it because the topic doesn't fit the medium any longer? I can't decide.

So I'm curious: what kinds of posts/blogs do you love? What holds you and keeps you coming back?


Second semester has started + I'm getting back in the swing of things.

Some inspiration this week:

Crushing on this mix (good for writing to.)

Twyla Tharp's Creative Habit

And this project (I'm so hoping to knit this into the upcoming weeks. Love, loving all the beauty in this pool.)

Taking this as a challenge. Planning to share my answers here this week.

What does your day look like right now? What are you inspired by in this brand new year?