The unexpected arrival of right now / by Christina Rosalie

I'm trying... to find my sense of place again. To locate myself here, now, where I am. But life has been a series of lift offs and landings lately, and my heart like a boomerang some days, like a kite others.

A friend said this week: "Next step: feeling the roof dissolve away from that new room in your head."

And that's exactly it. That's exactly what's happening. Life is full of a kind of poignancy I'm unaccustomed to. I'm working on so many things I love; trying to balance the shoulds with the woulds; the longing with the here and now. Little boys, with big cities; paint on my jeans, with running hard; book promo projects, with all the canvases I want to paint.

I want to hear your stories.

Have you've every had a time where you felt you were growing so fast you could hardly keep up? What was that like?