the very smallest of things / by Christina Rosalie

The very smallest of things have made my morning: The internet came back on so I don't have to leave the house early to do work. There was juuust enough milk for my latte. The snow plow guy just came and plowed my driveway so I can get to class this afternoon. It's snowing: fat, fluffy, gorgeous flakes. The fire is warm and snug and my cat is curled at my feet.

This week is go, go, go time. The end of the semester. Super big projects all due. And then a few weeks off--including a week out West visiting my sister and her sweet new babe. Cannot wait for the break. For cookie baking and decorating; for playing with my boys; for cleaning my house. For all the mundane joyful stuff that I've put on hold to push through these final deadlines.