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The incredibly talented Carla tagged me. I'm supposed to list 20 random things about myself and then tag as many people as it took minutes for me to write my list. I did play by the rules in that the list is random. It took me about 20 minutes to write however, so I'll not be tagging 20 people. Although that might be fun... 20 random facts:

1) Encarta's definition of topography: a study or detailed description of the various features of any object or entity and the relationships between them.

2) Things I'm into this month include: raspberry doughnuts, corduroys, chocolate colored sweaters, packages in the mail, beeswax candles, and wine with pretty labels.

3) I forget to eat and then get really moody and totally annoyed that I'm hungry.

4) I intensely dislike having to talk to people I don't know on the phone (except it was delightful to talk to Elaine, who has a lovely musical laugh, and who sounds just like I'd imagined: strong, wise, and insightful.)

5) I stay up way too late at night.

6) My second serious boyfriend in high school once told me to "Go downstairs to the kitchen and help my mom cook me a nice steak."

7) At the time I saw nothing wrong with his request. Now I'm mortified.

8) I was born in Colorado.

9) I have taken care of a boa constrictor twice in my life.

10) One of my favorite flowers is the Zinnia.

11) When I'm by water, I skip stones.

12) I can't paint without getting it all over my hands.

13) I can't eat popsicles without getting the juice all over my shirt.

14) I like Thai iced tea, Mango Lassi, Chai, and Mexican Hot Chocolate.

15) I don't like fresh figs, brussel sprouts, or okra.

16) I love going skinny dipping, especially at night.

17) I'm a bit of a magazine whore: I have a shameful amount of subscriptions coming to my house (Yes Jillian, that includs People!) but I rarely watch T.V.

18) I'm not afraid to admit I like froufrou drinks like zinfandel and wine coolers.

19) I have taken extended backpacking trips in Pueto Rico, France, Switzerland, Germany and the Pacific Coastal U.S.A.

20) I say prayers.

I'm tagging (if they want to play, or have already been tagged..): Blackbird, Melanie, Steph, Fuzzypeach, and Jill