Things I crave right now: / by Christina Rosalie

1) Having paint on my fingers and making things again. 2) Splattering paint on the page & blotting a wet brush on the corner of my terry robe. 3) Sitting in a bright oval of lamplight in my new studio, stuff still in boxes everywhere, and not minding when a little paint gets on the floor. 4) Eating dinner outside, with shadows growing long across the slatted table. 5) Licking my fingers after eating something sweet. 6) Walking with my guys after dinner along new trails; finding a pond with a topsy-turvy bird house on a pole, and an old stone wall from long ago. 7) This song. It has the perfect beat. Hearing it once is not enough. 8) The way DH has been glancing at me lately, across the room. In that kind of way. 9) Fresh sheets and fresh flowers in my bedroom 10) A clothesline mood wall like Mav’s to hang whatever strikes my whimsy.

What are you craving?

(Go on, you know you want to write a list!)