Things I want to know: / by Christina Rosalie

... If every 3 ½ year old goes through a phase of DISAGREABLE that involves rejecting every choice and every option presented to him, and also often involves throwing himself to the floor in sobbing dramatics when told that those are his only choices, or even, at his very worst, saying, No Mommy! You listen to me! when told to listen. And also…

If the rest of the world really thinks Palin is a charming and gorgeous as Pakistan’s president does (ick.)

Why anyone in the world really thinks Palin would make a good VP, or, god forbid, the president.

Why McCain thought smirking endlessly during the debates would make him come off as anything other than an ass.

Why anyone really would vote for someone who has voted for 90% of the things Bush has voted for. Seriously.

Why I am still feeling indigestion/nausea/ridiculous unpleasantries when I am 18 weeks pregnant.