Today / by Christina Rosalie

Six full years today, DH and I have been together, and he came to me this morning with a box wrapped in coupon paper for juice and tied with a red ribbon. Inside a beautiful hand made silver necklace--just the one I would have picked. My smiles scatterd about the room like freckles. I am so in love with this man. Then a day spent watching cyclists race, crashes up brick pavement, speed, adrenaline, sweat. The sky was bright like a blue ceramic bowl over turned above us, filled with sun. A long nap with Bean tumbled between us in bed, awakening to the sounds of boys playing stick hockey in the street, and harmonica drifting up from a few houses down.

An evening spent getting to know new friends over shrimp and pasta, tossed salad, wine and trappist cheese. Laughing about what we were like in high school, so long ago, and now. Ready to sink willingly into the sheets, to press up against my husband's back, my little one nestled into my body's spooning curve. Then sleep, as the planets whirl and the night air falls in through open windows, bringing dreams.