Today is my Monday / by Christina Rosalie

There and back. Maine. 11 hours in the car each way with both boys & my best friend from forever. The wedding of a dear, beautiful friend. Them together. The windy, sunny days. Good lattes and sail boats in the town. Bean in brown converse, as the ring bearer. Sprout cutting his first two teeth (and not making a big deal out of it at all). Friends who love my kids. iPhone apps and silly putty in the car. Hardly any fussing from either boy (a momentous fact, really, seeing as we were literally on the road for 11 hours, with stops.) Back home, bed felt like heaven. Yesterday was a blur of catching up. And being sick with a head cold. Today is my Monday. Hi. I missed checking in here last week. This week: lots of photo posts, organizing my submissions calendar for the fall. Taking a few naps. Saying goodbye to my mother who is moving away. And another wedding of another dear, dear friend this Friday.

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