Total sappiness / by Christina Rosalie

This guy rocks my world.

It's been a rough couple of months, especially for him, since he's carrying the brunt of this crazy renovation project—on top of his day job (day trader). Neither of us get down time, and sometimes everything hits us in the face like mud sprayed up from the tires of a passing car.

Sometimes it’s days on end of not enough sleep, no time to ourselves, and way to much to do. Sometimes it’s back to back days of feeling depressed, and worried, and just plain stressed. But in between are these bright moments, like sunspots—that linger even when your eyes are closed. Moments of lingering, of sweetness and touch, of passion, of pure goofiness, that are the antidote to everything else.

Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit like wet laundry on a line: flapping about, rumpled. I forget to tell him this enough: how wildly, whole-heartedly I’m in love with him. How he's an AMAZING dad. How incredible I think it is that he can go read a how-to book, and then actual BUILD A WALL, that actually looks (and acts) like a wall. How I love the fact that he's so affectionate with his family. How I think he's brilliant, and totally handsome, and really, just plain amazing--seeing as he’s been managing (mostly) to hold it all together, despite the 16 hour days, the too-small apartment, and the tight budget.

And then goes he does stuff like wash the dishes or buys me chocolate...or kisses the back of my neck, unexpectedly when I'm hunched over my computer typing away furiously. It doesn't get any better. It just doesn't.