Total self-absorption (in the best way possible) / by Christina Rosalie

First:)I want to do a little giddy dance and say THANK YOU a zillion times to all you exquisite people who nominated me for the BOBS best Art/Photo blog! I am blown away every single day by the generocity and encouragement and positive feedback I get from the people who come here often.

Second:) Krystyn is sooo super spiffy with her web design skills. Check out the absolutely rockin' desktops she created at MamaSaysOm using some of my art. Heart her!

Third:) I'm officially jumping on the de-lurking bandwagon. I totally check my blog stats (ah-hem, on ocasion.) I know you're out there. If you're reading this and you don't usually comment, now is you're time to say hi. It would make my day!