Underpants! / by Christina Rosalie

His first pair! He ran around the kitchen wildly, high stepping, stomping, grinning. He asked to inspect Mama's underpants and Daddy's underpants. He pulled his up, and pulled them down. We took a special trip to the mall tonight to purchase them, as it seems, Bean is ready for potty training.

Gasp. How did we possibly get here, from here? All the cliche's collide in my mind. How quickly they grow, really. I'm still having trouble picturing what diaperless is like. And of course I need advice. Spill please.

The details: after the gym two nights ago, waiting for DH I gave Bean a cup and showed him how to work the drinking fountain. He was in heaven, and six cups of water and a wet shirt later, DH showed up, we drove home, and I striped the little guy down to his birthday suit. But then, being the utterly lazy mama I am, I decided that the forty five minutes of dinner and and playtime before bed were not enough to warrent the hassel of daipering, so I put him in longjohns and showed him the potty. Causually, I mentioned, "If you need to go potty, you can sit on this one like a big boy." Then I went about cleaning up the living room, and holy crap, the kid was sitting on the potty and GOING.

He was wildly excited. I was wildly excited. He proceeded to go like six or seven times (all the water!) and each time was delighted to show me his production, and to flush with abandon.

Since then, both nights we've had successes--and an amazing poop on the potty! Really. And he wiped. (Apparently all of the times he's made himself at home in the bathroom while we're occupied on the white thrown have paid off...worth it, but still. Just once it'd be nice to do my business without having someone try to shove toilet paper down behind me before I'm through.)

Of course, there were a few accidents, but what a way to start, right? What should I do next? For car travel? Night time? Trips out?

You web mamas rock my world.