Underwater / by Christina Rosalie

I woke up moody this morning, my body drenched in sweat, feeling off-kilter for no particular reason. Sometimes it's just like that. Everything feels slanted, thick, slightly smashed. And I couldn't shake the mood all day. Even after a nap in an air conditioned bedroom, an iced tea and a trip to the bakery. Tonight I dragged my unmotivated self to the pool for a swim, doing a just about a mile. Lap after lap, pulling through the water, my lips and nose and cheekbones periodically pushing through the surface for air. It didn't help that it was gray out all day, the air heavy with rain that hasn't yet fallen. Even up here, northwards by many hundred miles, the weather reflects the storm that's pounding Louisiana right now. I can't imagine the anxiety they must feel, wind surging up so hard. Water everywhere. The threat of everything being gone tomorrow.