Unrelated bits & pieces / by Christina Rosalie

* I drove back from the ophthalmologist (a random unidentifiable pain & redness in my eyes prompted the visit) tonight, and it was the most disorienting and sweaty palmed trip ever. Headlights in dilated eyes: not fun. Now I have blurry vision and the feeling of vertigo whenever I look at anything up close. But look at me, I’m still blogging. Wheee! Oh, and despite the redness and/or agony, I apparently have perfect eyes. Some good news. I like that.

* I’ve been enjoying creating small pieces of art nearly every day. I’m going with the idea of altering a book. This particular book was found in the basement at my inlaws house, and is called The Love Affair, which offers bits of advice such as the following:

The average man decidedly shrinks from what he calls a ‘brainy’ or ‘highbrow’ woman, and if she is in the unfortunate position of having to secure his attention, no man of her own type being available, she must conceal her intellectuality instead of trying to use it as a blandishment, which is a mistake very frequently made.

Better off as an altered book, don’t you think? Or perhaps this is my problem. I use both my brainy and highbrowness as blandishment. Don’t you? It’s fun to paint blithely over the text, watching how certain words or bits of text come to the fore while others become completely submerged.

* I’ve decided that I’m going to spend several months taking a picture of DH every day. A sort of practice in observation. I want to see what I notice. I’ve never made him the focus of any creative/artistic endeavor and want to spend some time with the images I take and see where it goes. See what I learn, about him. So much of him I don’t really know. Isn’t this almost always the way it is with the people you love? You think you know them, but really, you only know these small slivers, like looking up at a new moon and thinking that tiny sickle is all of it.

* The cold snap that has swept across the country and left orange groves in California frozen, and people without power in Oklahoma has hit here with a vengeance. -15 degrees out, and our pipes in the upstairs bathroom froze. Huh? Yeah, you read that right. Tomorrow will be day three without a shower. Really. Whimper.