Up, up, and away / by Christina Rosalie

Up to our necks in rain, that is. I cannot quite find the words to describe what 21 days of rain does to a person's psyche. Gag. Nor can I really describe how it exacerbates the misery of these final days of projects---washing out mortar buckets in the rain, carrying boxes in the rain, everything damp and chilled. So I'm off. To NJ to spend a week in a slightly more temperate place with DH's parents, while DH works solo on the house. Trying to keep "family" together is more of a strain at this point. He'll get more done without us, and we will be able to have all the creature comforts of a furnished house (my mom is still awaiting her furniture!) There, I'll have reliable internet and some time, so I can finally post some of the pictures I've been snapping, and regale you with all of the brilliant Bean developments that have been taking place. Of course, between now and then is a 7 hour car ride with a crazy Italian whose had a little too little sleep, and a teething beansprout. It will most certainly be an adventure!