weekend amusement:: edited to add--it was a really crappy day / by Christina Rosalie

This. I've always sucked when it comes to popularity contests. A haircut at Aveda. A whole hour of time to ponder my reflection was apparently not what I needed today. My stylist wore shiny black knee high boots and a black dress with several buckles and studs. Also not quite what I envisioned.

Shopping. Without 18 month old company. DH and Bean ended up joining me for lunch. Bean was a grump, and DH ordered pancakes which suddenly made my avocado and melted cheddar openface seem just exactly what I was not in the mood for. I hate ordering something, and ending up wanting something else entirely.

Flowers & chocolate yesterday for no reason from DH. Still really nice.

And a breve latte. For some asinine reason, I got a pomegranate frappucino instead. And then spilled it on my favorite shirt.

No complaints.Somehow I vastly overestimated the potential for today. It was overcast and humid. Ocassionally it would rain lightly and it felt exactly like being spit on. Bean is getting what appears to be a final set of four molar-ish teeth and he's a disaster. Whiny, clingy, needy, and honestly, totally irritating. When he was in my arms he wanted Daddy. When he was in DH's arms he wanted Mommy, when he was at the table he wanted down, and when he was down, he wanted up. He put a bowl full of shells behind the couch; pulled the cat's tail while the poor guy was coughing up a hairball, and is now throwing a bedtime fit, and I'm really entirely sick of hearing him whine. Grrr.

Oh, and apparently I have autumn allergies.