Weekend Topographs::7 / by Christina Rosalie

Too many favorites from the weekend to just post one pair of topograph photos. Since I've been doing these I've become so much more aware of my environment. Of textures, light, sound, color. How one experience influences another, how one image brings something to the next. Delight is effortless when I take notice.

White wine & stake frites, just him & holding hands, window shopping & pretty dresses, ice creams, 85 degrees, sunset on the lake.

Spring finally, catching tadpoles, rubber boots, woodpeckers, small boy wipe-outs on the bike, Neosporin, compost, more seed starts, the first sunburn of the season.

An impromptu Sunday road trip, the best BLT ever, old train stations, collard greens & trout, cupcakes, piano jazz, picking daffodils, and remembering that sometimes making memories and being present is enough. More than enough.

*** What was your weekend like?