Words to live by: From Chris Gullibeau / by Christina Rosalie

I filled a little Field Guide notebook while there, and then rapidly filled the second half of the Molskine I started in the spring. I label my Moleskine's down the side of the spine with a Sharpie: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and the year, so that when I keep them in a stack, I can find older volumes easily, and it usually takes about a season lately to fill one up. But this spring, with my thesis and graduation, and starting work I was a little slow to fill each smooth page, until I went to Portland, and found myself scribbling voraciously in a room full of some of the most creative souls on the planet.

Now, it's full to bursting.

I honestly feel like there has never been more possibility than there is in the world right now."

--From Chris Gullibeau, who just wrote 100$ Start Up, and is the incredible mastermind force of nature who made WDS a reality.

I came away feeling more intensely than ever: Now is your moment. What are you doing with it?