satisfied / by Christina Rosalie

Outside a wood pecker hammers into the trunk of a poplar and the sky is the color of snow. I finished my manuscript yesterday, and couldn't have felt better about it. The stories work, I think, and they've begun to carry themselves, the characters leading me to new discoveries and scenes. It's how I mostly imagine writing should feel--and I've decided there is absolutely nothing better writing for two days straight, hours blurring, in a quiet house. DH too Bean over to the inlaws, and I cozied up by the wood stove, clacking away at the keyboard as content as a clam.

Other delights:

My lovely hens have started to lay eggs! Regularly! I've been particularly enjoying them soft boiled with a little salt and pepper.

I was inspired by Ali's beautiful advent boxes to make a set of my own for Bean, and he's delighted at the advent fairy's tiny gifts: yesterday a miniature tape measure; today a handful of tiny dinosaurs that grow when submerged in warm water (remember those? So fun.)

I spent the morning vacuuming and straightening, and mopping. The floors now gleam, and this makes me happy.

This afternoon, after a wee nap, I think we’ll head to the craft store to pick up tissue paper and card stock to prepare for the holidays; and also to a home store for throw pillows. Every couch needs a good collection of throw pillows, and we have too few.

What are you doing/eating this Sunday afternoon?