/ by Christina Rosalie

The amazingly talented Nichola gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Thursday. Welcome to the world, Esme & congratulations mama! Nicohla also organized a postcard swap last month and, being a sucker for foreign stamps, paper mail, and all things artsy, I was excited to participate. The only rules were that they had to be handmade and postmarked by the 31st. As usual, I'm cutting it close with the deadline. (In theory, though I finished them today! they won''t be postmarked until November 1st.)

I wanted each postcard to be unique, and yet similar--so I used the same media (acrylic and watercolor paints & a block print) and colors, but varied the theme for each as my whimsy dictated. I really had fun making these---allowing my paintbrush to follow my mind into abstraction. I also really liked the idea of including a fish print in each---because fish are sort of a signature art piece for me.

I would love to do another postcard swap---so if you would like to participate please let me know in the comments and I'll email you with the details.