Friday afternoon / by Christina Rosalie

We're in the midst of househunting---not for this year, but for next spring. A place with land---pastures, wooded areas, perhaps a stream. We moved north to find this---and today we spent a couple hours driving around and then walking out along trails onto land that we tried to imagine as ours someday.

It's a bizarre process---trying to imagine something that doesn't yet exist. You have to be half lunatic, half dreamer to survive it. Yet it also fills me with a giddy breathlessness as I imagine where my garden might go. Where a swing might hang from a tall maple for Bean, where we might sit on the porch in the morning with coffee watching wild turkies or racoons raid the seed below the bird feeder.

With each place we visit, the home I imagine is becoming slightly less a figment of my imagination and slightly more tangible. Click on the photo above to view a few of the sights from our rambles today.