Incoherent / by Christina Rosalie

Feeling wiped out tonight after a ten hour day, and an open house. Freshly sharpened pencils. Smiling until my cheeks ache. Wishing I’d stopped at Starbucks for an iced latte. Trying to make every parent feel like I will be teaching for their child alone. The past few days have been rocky, not because of the work-related stuff, but because some days are just like that. Everything comes out edgewise and sharp, without meaning to. My foot has spent its time permanently lodged in my mouth. My skin is breaking out, and shopping over the weekend I was devastated to discover that the eighties are entirely BAAACK and I want to gag. I thought the trends were dumb in the eighties: legwarmers, frumpy ankle boots, and, dear god, skinny jeans, which look terrible on everyone except maybe Kate Moss. Really, why did that decade have to come up in the fashion rolodex THIS YEAR? I have enough to worry about right now. Buying jeans should not be a distressing pastime. All I can do is pray the whole pegged jeans look is not about to be revived.

So yeah, a rocky couple of days. Bad fashion. My image upload plugin isn’t working properly, I apparently have lost all tact when it comes to saying things to DH, and it’s his birthday this Thursday and I’m a little bit bummed about that because it’s the first day of school and I hate not being able to devote more time and energy to him. If it’s not raining we do have a fun evening planned though: a hike up to the lean-to at the top of a hill to build a fire, drink hot coffee from a thermos, and check out stars through his telescope. If it does rain, I’m screwed. I am bad about having a working Plan B. I wing things. Probably to much for my own good.

I guess I’m just way outside my comfort zone right now: in limbo, waiting for the routine of work to kick in. Making this huge transition on top of the post-traumatic stress of the incident at work has resulted in me gaining probably five pounds too, and that really doesn’t help perk me up. The only thing to redeem all this is that my best friend is coming for the weekend, and she always hits me like an extra-bright sunbeam. Love her. There will also be pedicures involved. So there is a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel (though as she puts it, sometimes that light is an oncoming train—ha!)

What type of person are you? Do you plan things out or wing them? Are you more spontaneous or predictable? What makes you feel like your outside your comfort zone?