The best part of my day / by Christina Rosalie

Right this very instant slushy rain is falling hard and downstairs, at the kitchen island my boys are playing drums on an array of kitchen implements. They are loud, they are ruckus, they are delighted with themselves. Bean is singing along at the top of his lungs in his thin, sweet, off-tune little voice. Sprout is mostly quiet except for when something is taken from him, and then he hollers as loud as he possibly can. These boys are the sweetness and marrow of my life.

Every morning T wakes up at about 5:30 and when Bean hears him, he comes skittering down the hall to our room and crawls into bed with me while T showers. Often, as the water starts to run, Sprout wakes up and calls, and T brings him to me, and so I doze in magic. One sweet tousled boy head on each side of me. They root around beneath the covers and snuggle in. And I dream, drift, wake, nuzzle in. It’s my favorite part of the day often: these first moments of barely waking with my boys, when we’re all trailing dreams and dozing.

When T is showered, they follow him downstairs for eggs, toast, and frothy milk and I shower alone, drenched with warmth, with the fragrance of soap, with a few moments all to myself.

Then, always, the day begins. Today: gray on gray on gray. Crows make dark silhouettes among the trees. A squirrel knocks snow from the sleeping branches of a spruce. Birds come and go at the feeder; and outside in the snow bank where Bean and I built a fort yesterday afternoon, water drips silently as the snow melts.

Tell me: what is a moment in your day that you spend with the people you love? What's it like?

Also: go watch this.