5 things I would write more about, if I were not utterly exhausted: / by Christina Rosalie

1) Your awesome list ideas rock. Thank you a zillion times. I have never, ever purchased any legit holiday gifts before, oh, December 23, and though that may not change this year, at least I now have no shortage of good ideas! 2) I pierced my ears over the weekend. This was a HUGE deal. My dad never let me pierce my ears as a kid, and for years and years since then I refrained from doing so, first out of an odd deference to him, and then because it made me more unique NOT to have pierced years. Recently however, it dawned on that wearing a gorgeous pair of dangley earings makes an otherwise unimpressive outfit chic and lovely, and I am all about things that make me look good without actually requiring effort... so I went with my most favorite girlfriends in the whole world and got holes in my ears. I cannot imagine what my dad would say if he were alive still. It felt somehow like a childish act of rebellion, and maybe it was. Who knows why we suddenly get the urge to do things?

3) I made the most delicious gingersnaps tonight. Also a random urge. I used fresh ginger, and without a recipie, figured out how to crystalize it. Am I not a domestic goddess? (It's okay, you can lie.)

4) I have been so exhausted at the end of the day I have done no writing, and am feeling utterly guilty about that--especially as deadlines are gradually approaching. But...

5) I stumbled upon an absolutely wonderful book that I've been carrying around with me everywhere and relishing.