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I was tagged by the beautiful Boho to write about 5 things that I haven’t already told you… hmm…I’ve already told you more than is decent to tell, but here goes. 1) I was six when I first kissed a boy.

2) I love drawing free-hand maps of the world. I love to draw the blue water pressing up against the tiny irregular shapes of the islands and continents. Drawing maps reminds me how both miraculous and insignificant we are, in the scope of the cosmos.

3) If I were to entirely reinvent myself and be someone completely other than I am, I’d be a veterinarian or a midwife or both.

4) If I could learn anything right now by osmosis, it would be to do the meringue beautifully.

5) I live each day with intolerable delight and great terror, simultaneously: I grew up somehow believing that I am capable of anything.

You're it. What are five things you haven't told about your self?

(And because they are all attempting NaNoBloPoMo, the following lovelies have no excuse but to write...A writerly rebel, an amazing wannabe, a lovely blog vixen, and a perfect peach)