A house of yo-yos / by Christina Rosalie

I keep trying to be here more regularly. It makes me so happy to write, to respond, to hear your comments and share my art and small snippets of my days... but lately my days have been one thing: EXHAUSTION. I catch myself curling up with the intention of reading, and then all I do is stare out the window.

My days are long and by the time I get home I've given all the little fragments of myself that I can give away. I cry easily. I'm snappy and snippy and short fused. It sucks.

I kind of remember it being this way with my first, with Bean, but the difference was: I didn't have Bean. I could go home to my house and cats and chill. Dinner could happen anytime. We could head out for coffee at 9pm if we wanted. Life after work allowed for some decompression.

Now, well, not so much. Not at all actually. And poor Bean. He's going through some kind of phase of being at once stubborn and sensitive, fragile to the quick and emotional and tempermental and oh so needy. As in he wants to be on my person all the time. That, or throwing himself on the floor in diagreement.

We're a house of yo-yos. Extremes. Fragments. I keep trying to snatch up moments that I love to fill me up: watching the sunset from our bedroom window, my cheek on DH's chest; making play dough with Bean; the warmth of the fire; the first flakes of falling snow... but I am not quenched, the tiredness like a drought, spreads through my bones.

I need inspiration.

What are 4 of your favorite blogs right now?

What is one good book you've read recently?

What is your current favorite magazine?

What is your newest food discovery that you love?