Hibernating / by Christina Rosalie

I've been curled up under the eaves in my studio on the couch, listening to the rain fall and perusing all the delightful blog links you left in the comments of my last post. Such delight & inspiration. Thank you, thank you for dosing me with your good taste and fabulous finds.

Everyone here is sick with one thing or another. Bean with a double ear infection, DH with a cold, me with a possible sinus infection. We keep passing these germs around like sandwiches, apparently, so we're all lying low, staying put, and generally eating soup and bread and keeping to ourselves.

Today DH bought a new truck out of necessity and in celebration of a new month. Okay so we're officially half way through already. Still. October sucked. Long story made short: the day after our friend died, the our plow truck gas tank fell out on the road, followed the next day by our septic backing up. Followed shortly thereafter by 2 of our 3 geese getting eaten by coyotes. Yes. It was a month. Anyway, the truck had irreparable rust damage--it was used to begin with--and so we sold it and bought a new one.

We spent most of the day driving about in the rain through some neighboring towns, stopping for sandwiches at a general store; lattes at a bakery; poking into little toy shops; stopping at a train station; and listening to music low on the stereo. Just the three of us, content to be half sick and with each other in the small circumference of the cab.

What did you spend Saturday doing?