A week in the Life: Wednesday (on Friday) / by Christina Rosalie

In the morning, first thing, snow coated the ground like sugar. Then it melted, and a soft rain started to fal, rinsing the remaining orange and yellow leaves; making them fall in wet heaps to the dark ground.

Every day hinges around these simple things: dishes stacked in the cupboard, food prepared, then put away. Each day I try to succumb more gracefully to the essence of these tasks.

After work I put fresh paint in Bean's pallett and let him go to town. I love his abstract lines and the way color and shape become things after the fact, after the paint has been smeared across the page.

Bringing fresh water for paint, I have my camera with me and snap a photo. This is life documentary: catching the bubbles swirl in the glass and the water running down the drain.

Evening, before bed. A circle of lamplight in our blue bedroom.

Me. 22 weeks. Side view. I feel huge. Cannot fathom what I'll feel like in three months.