A Week In The Life:: Monday / by Christina Rosalie

Morning blur. All of the pictures I took today have this blurry quality. Such an apt reflection of my Monday. Here, Bean giggles in the covers as I get dressed. He's such a big kid now--sleeping every night, all through the night, in his OWN bed. I still am marveling at this. It's such a big deal for him--the boy who is impervious to sleep.

A skeptical self portrait. From this angle I hardly look pregnant. Must take a side angle photo tomorrow so you can see how truly huge I am.

Work bag on the floor at the end of the day. The house is cold when I come home.

I curl up on the couch to check email and savor the quiet of ten minutes when no one needs me.

Dishes. Laundry. These small things. I try to give myself over to them, being wholly in them, letting all else but the moment slip away.

Bean lives his whole life in the moment...although he is beginning to get the concept of future. To him the future means one thing: toys he can ask for for Christmas this year. He's taken to marking with Xs all the toys he wants from every catalog that arrives at our door.