Almost 6 / by Christina Rosalie

I just had to share Bean's kindergarten photo. Swoon. He is such a rascal. Almost 6 and full of determination and eccentricity and delight. He is all about bossy, and "mine is better." He is all about talking all the time, inserting himself into ever conversation, chattering over everyone and everything else going on. He is all about drama. Tears. Howls. High Drama.

Like this morning when he fell off a stool at the counter and then hit his plasma car. It was comical. He was FINE. Totally fine. And yet you'd think he had lost a limb. The wailing. You can tell he is delighting in every minute of it. There is almost a little grin at the edge of his face even as he's wailing. This little guy has always been one to burst into tears: over the thought of Lyle Lyle stuck in the zoo, over a lost twist tie; over anything. It's something I love about him: how tender he is. He sees the world in such a sensitive, thoughtful, particular way.

In my head he's still 4. How is it possible he's almost 6?


Also: My sweet sister had her baby this morning at 12:10am! An 8lb, 6oz little boy! So excited and happy for them I can hardly stand it.