And then there are days that are perfect crap. / by Christina Rosalie

Like today. When all I feel like doing is crying for no reason. When I come home from work and feel like I can't give anything more to anyone but I have to, because DH has guitar lessons and it's the mama show for bedtime routine and dinner tonight. It rained all day. Maybe that was it. Or maybe hormones. Or maybe I'm lonely or tired or hungry or some stupid combination of those three. Some days just suck. Even with the perfect orange leaves, wet from the rain, and the sun falling in angles, and the sound of Bean's voice rising and falling in the living room where he excitedly narrates a story to himself.

It feels like I'm submerged, but unable to swim, like a rediculous dream. Does anyone else ever have days like this: where you see how irrationally moody you're being, but cannot stop, cannot shake it off, cannot break into a grin no matter how much you know that you should?