A Week In The Life:: Saturday / by Christina Rosalie

Morning light.


Unmade bed.

Drying my hair.

Breakfast = broiled grapefruits w/brown sugar; croissants, soft boiled eggs; lattes.

Empty table.

Letting the geese out.

On the walk...

Inevitably the geese join us. Bean always bikes--in his bright yellow helmet with thunderbolts.

The frost has turned to dew.

Back inside, doing laundry I notice my mismatched polka dots.

Bean draws in the kitchen while us grownups whirl about the house tidying. Then we take a trip to town: lumber at Home Depot; lunch; a stop for bread; and a stop for some new sheets.

In the blink of an eye the light is already slanting towards twilight.

Bean twirls while I sit in the leaves soaking up the last rays of golden sun.

How I love weekends.

Am thinking of doing this all week. Inspired by Ali. All too often the fragments that make the mosaics of my days go unrecorded...