And we're done / by Christina Rosalie

NaNoBloPoMo is over, and I'm so ecstatic that I can go back to being frivolous and lazy and completely irresponsible about posting. I've also decided that because it became my posting art form this month I'll leave you with a list of things I hope to accomplish in the next few weeks. To make me very, very happy (or utterly jealous because you're all sick overachievers) post your lists in the comments. 1) I think I need to go to blog rehab now, to recover from all my crappy, inconsequential posts. To that end, I'm craving returning to my notebook for inspiration. I want to make quick sketches & line drawings, and collages this month...and I want very much to return to the art of writing in complete paragraphs. Yes, I want that very much.

2) I want to send out holiday cards before December 23 when I usually do. I have a crush on getting mail, but I'm so bad at sending anything these days. It doesn't help that my mail box is at the end of our very long driveway, and the only times I drive past it are either when I'm balancing a cup of coffee and a toasted bagle on my way to work, or when I'm clinging to the wheel with both hands, out of utter exhaustion, on my way home each day. I could walk, you might think, but that generally involves a little Bean who is given to pretending he is incapable of walking at the most inconvenient times (like when I'm holding a large armful of mail and really have to pee.) But the truth is, I just suck at sending mail. Envelopes sit on my counter unstamped. Letters get lost in the car en route to the post office. I can't be trusted to send anything on time, except, possibly (and rarely) things of critical importance.

3) When Bean pulled my shirt up and his entire baby hand disappeared into the soft expanse of my stomach, the reality finally hit today. I will not survive the holidays without becoming a truck, if I don't get back into a routine of regular exercise. As it stands, I have already become (according to Bean) a particularly pleasant lump of dough.

4) To that end, I went on a run tonight with DH. At night. In the dark. By flashlight. And I want to beg all of you to try it. It is fantastic to run in the dark, without all the visual distractions, and the thudding rush of your blood rising up like a song in your ears. Also, when we got we gave the flashlight to Bean, and he had the BEST TIME EVER running around the dark yard pointing it at things. Remember flashlight tag? So fun.

5) Lastly, I'd like to finish the mammoth stack of books I now have by my bedside. Like a workout habit, I need to reinstate a few moments in my day meant just for reading. I miss the dreamy other-worldliness of reading for hours, and the way it almost immediatly has a positive affect on my writing, like a I.V. of brilliance to the arm.

What do you want to do before the solstice arrives?