Bean is 4 / by Christina Rosalie

He's four, and going to be a big brother any day now. It kind of takes my breath away. Instead of a letter, here are his responses to an impromptu interview done on his birthday. *** Favorite color: purple, pink, blue, red Favorite candy: chocolate, all of the candies at the candy store downtown. Favorite game: Scrabble, my circuit board. Favorite food: Macaroni with nothing else (what he means by this is "no veggies". Favorite fruit: mango Favorite piece of clothing: My “I’m with the band” shirt. My Hawaiian shirts. My pink striped shirt. Favorite music: jazz Favorite time of day: morning Favorite time of year: Summertime—because I get to go out with nothing on. Favorite meal: breakfast and dinner Favorite kind of chip: potato chips Favorite animal: platypus Stuff you don’t like: I like everything. Except I don’t like broccoli and I don’t like tomatoes Some letters you know how to write: I A B E W R O V U Y C T L M What’s your brother going to be like? I don’t know Mommy. I haven’t seen him yet.

*** 4 Year old thoughts:

“Every day people ride a rocket up to the sun to check it out. They have a hose that goes way, way, way inside the earth. It pumps up liquid that turns into fire to start the sun if it needs starting.”

“Thunder foxes come when it is night time and it is thundering and lightening. They are so big they can pull Daddy into the water and blow a house down, but they only blow houses down where nobody lives.”


He draws diggers and cranes and people with ten fingers and suns with green dots in the middle because “that’s how it looks and when you look at the sun. When you see the green dot you have to look away.”

*** For his birthday he requested pancakes for breakfast; having Daddy help him build stuff on his circuit board; a camera (he begged for that one for months!); 'fancy' drinks with dinner; and a shark cake. Bonus: his aunt & uncle sent him a remote control car. Yeah. The boy is spoiled. But it's his last birthday as our only. And he was giddy and full of wonder and delight all day.