Exhausted / by Christina Rosalie

* My best friend showed up on Thursday, and like usual, she made me smile THIS WIDE, knowing just exactly what I mean...offering the best cup of coffee, perfectly sweetened...and waking up at a cheery 6:29am when Bean hurtled down the hall and let himself into her bedroom calling her name with glee. * Bean slept through the night last night (thank god) but I still woke up in the worst mood ever, and had to lie in bed staring at the sky changing from soft pink to blue for a very long time before I was certain I would not bite anyone's head off. I took a nap later, and it didn't help. I still felt like I was trailing myself by a good two yards until noon.

* This afternoon we hosted a get-together for a half-dozen newish friends with toddlers. We sat on the floor. People brought snacks. None of the kids cried. There was lots of chocoalte cake and beer and laughter. The floor was scattered with toys. People stayed for hours. And when they left, we were smiling, but I felt like an eighteen wheeler had run me over.

* I am now certain I'll be sick tomorrow. I'm not much of an extrovert, though I love to be with people. I need down time, re-charge time, quiet time. Anyone want to come to the mytopography house to be my stunt double for a week while I escape to Canada for somenonstop solid alone time? Life has been kicking my butt lately. Even though it's sweet, and full of moments like these: